Crystal Brush 2017

It’s Almost Time!

It’s Almost Time!


March 20th, 2017



We’re counting down the last few days to Crystal Brush 2017!

A few notes and reminders:

  • If you are voting online, you must be a registered member and logged in at the CoolMiniOrNot forums in order for your vote to be counted. If you are new, please register before Friday. We don’t want anyone left out if the site is flooded with last minute registrations!
  • If you are entering the competition, we strongly suggest you register your entries on Thursday or early Friday morning, to avoid a last minute rush. While we’ll do our best to get anyone still waiting in line at the end of the day processed, the Vendor Hall does close at 6 p.m. Please contact us if you have an emergency or unavoidable travel delay.
  •  Entries also must be picked up by 2:30 p.m. on Sunday. The Vendor Hall closes at 3 p.m. and Crystal Brush staff will be needed at the award ceremony. If you will be unable to pick up your minis in time, you can designate someone to do this for you.
  • Crystal Brush does not provide storage space for mini transport cases or packing materials.
  • As mentioned earlier, we’ve added cash prizes for category place winners this year! Gold entries will receive $200, silver $100, and bronze $50. We’re also presenting category winners with custom etched crystalline medallions.
  • There was some confusion last year over the Young Talent category. This category is not posted for online voting, but is judged by our onsite team only, to take account of the varying ages of our entrants. However, we will announce the winners during the award ceremony and post the results in our gallery after the event.