What are the requirements for entering Crystal Brush? Do I have to win a qualifier?

Everyone with an AdeptiCon badge can enter Crystal Brush. There are no extra fees or requirements. While we have been calling Road to Crystal Brush sponsored competitions “qualifiers,” they are not a prerequisite.



I have to be at another event during the awards ceremony. Can I still get an award if I’m not there?

We understand that sometimes schedule conflicts are unavoidable. If you are registered and present at the convention, but won’t be able to attend the ceremony, please let Crystal Brush staff know in advance. You can designate someone to accept your prize for you on your entry form. Please make sure you have given us contact information for yourself and your designee.

This also applies if travel arrangements require you to leave the convention before the awards ceremony. Please make sure you have given us your contact information on your entry form.




Entries must not have been shown online or in print media, or announced as winners, in another competition or exhibition.  What counts as a competition? Can I enter a model that was in another contest, but didn’t win a prize?

Any painting contest or exhibition, real world or online, which ranks entries, either against each other (Best of Show, first/second/third place) or against a point system (Open System Gold/Silver/Bronze), is considered a competition. You can enter a non-winning model from a previous competition if it was not shown in photos from that event.


I painted a mini for an online challenge, but there weren’t any winners picked; everyone who completed the challenge got an award. Does this count as a painting contest?

No. As long as the entries are not ranked or scored, it is not considered a painting contest.


My local game store has a painting competition which does not post its results or photos of the entries online. Only the guys at the store see the entries. If I enter a mini there, can I still bring it to Crystal Brush?

Yes.  However, please do not post up photos of your mini which specify that it was a contest entry or winner.


My army got a Best Painted award at a tournament. Can I still enter some of my characters and vehicles in the contest?

Yes. Tournament army awards are not considered painting contests for this purpose. Many tournaments give awards for which players are eligible just by attending, and tournament painting awards may be judged on a different set of criteria than dedicated model competitions.




Is it OK to show photos of my entry online before the competition? Can I post them in my CMoN gallery or my Facebook page?

Yes, you may post photos of your work in public forums and on social media. We would prefer competitors to keep their finished entries a surprise, for the world to see as complete works for the first time during the competition. However, we do not forbid it, as it is simply not feasible for us to scan all social media and public galleries for possible appearances for each entry that is submitted.


I painted a mini for a game company, and the photos of that mini are on the company’s website. Can I enter this model?

If a manufacturer, retailer, or distributor has used images of your work prior to the close of Crystal Brush voting, it is considered commercial work and is not eligible as an entry. However, if the model is not disclosed as commercial work until after the close of Crystal Brush voting, it is eligible.




A friend of mine did the actual conversion work on a mini I painted. Can I enter it?

Yes. However, for Crystal Brush 2017, credit for an entry, as well as any prize, will be given to the person who painted it. We cannot credit both of you or split an award, so you may want to make sure your friend is OK with this before entering!


The rules for a game say a unit must have 20 models, but the competition rules say a unit entry can have no more than 10. Can I enter this unit?

Unit entries do not have to conform to game play requirements. Simply pick the models that you feel look attractive and work logically as a group. Please remember that units need to be entered on a movement tray of some kind if they are not mounted on a single display base.


I have an idea for a diorama, but it only has one human figure in it. What counts as ‘two figures’ as stated in the rules?

We will consider a ‘figure’ to be any independent model which 1) serves as a character in the diorama’s narrative, 2) which is interacting with the human or humanoid figure, and 3) which is modeled and painted to the same degree and with the same skill as the human or humanoid figure. It may be an animal, a vehicle or large machine, etc. Please contact Crystal Brush in advance if you are not sure whether your intended models qualify.