Chibi Category Update


February 16th, 2017


After receiving feedback from the painting community, we’ve decided to reinstate our Chibi category for the 2017 Crystal Brush competition, rather than combine chibis with more traditional sculpting styles in the other class categories. The Rules and Categories pages have been updated with this addition.

As in previous years, this category will be for chibi style single figures, units, and vehicles/monsters, and subject to the size restrictions of those categories. Dioramas with chibis, as they are judged based on narrative content as well as painting and modelling, should be entered in the Diorama category.


  • Tom Anders

    Thank you so much! This is a wonderful decision. I very much appreciate Crystal Brush bringing back the Chibi single category. I love it. I also fully support set pieces needing to be judged in the standard diorama category. Happy with everything about this!

  • bouncergriim