Crystal Brush 2016

Meet our guest judges for 2016!

Meet our guest judges for 2016!


February 10th, 2016


Three guest judges will be joining Jen Haley for the onsite judging at the 2016 Crystal Brush Awards. Let’s meet our panel!





Ángel Giráldez is a legend in the miniature industry. Currently heading the painting department at Corvus Belli, his work has helped shape and define the look of Infinity: The Game. Last year the modeling community applauded the release of his first Masterclass book, ‘Painting Miniatures from A to Z.’ His collaborations with companies like Vallejo and Harder & Steenbeck have introduced many new products and techniques to mini painters. We’re honored to have his keen eye this year.



She’s a Golden Demon winner, and an MMSI medallist, and collaborated with Jen on Dark Sword Miniatures‘ first Masterworks Miniature Painting DVD set. But Anne Foerster is probably best known as the mind–and brush!–behind Reaper Miniatures’ fantastic Master Series Paint. Anne is a seasoned miniatures judge, practiced in several different formats from traditional place competitions to Open System exhibitions.  We’re glad to have her experience and insight on board for 2016.



José Manuel Palomares Nuñez, studio director at Bigchild Creatives, returns this year. His painting has been featured on box art and advertisements for Andrea Miniatures, Knight Models, Draconia, and many other companies. JMPN has won numerous awards for his work over the years, exhibiting at some of the most notable model shows in Europe. We’re pleased that he agreed to come back this year, after being trapped in our booth for hours with a sleep-deprived Jen Haley at the 2015 show. It required bribing with many, many chicken wings.