Crystal Brush 2018

Meet the Judges: Jen Haley

Meet the Judges: Jen Haley


March 1st, 2018


“Judging is a responsibility I have always taken seriously. Those of us who’ve served on juries have also entered our own work into competitions. We’ve all had good models that didn’t win, or weren’t scored as high as everyone thought they would be. We know what it’s like to worry that the judges aren’t looking closely or carefully at our mini, that they’ll downgrade it because of the painting style or colors or theme, that they won’t notice the details that pull everything together and give it meaning. We’ve gone out for dinner or drinks after a show and tried to figure out the judges’ reasoning. We know exactly what’s being said about our decisions, because we’ve said it ourselves at some point.

So I try to put together a team that is balanced in their preferences and viewpoints, that can argue cordially with each other for their choices and point out aspects that others might have missed, that is aware of how much these decisions can mean. If, afterwards, we’re mentally and emotionally exhausted, yet able to give honest feedback to competitors, I feel like we’ve given it our best effort.”

Jen Haley first became a judge for Crystal Brush after joining the CMON team in 2013. For two decades she’s been a part of the miniature community, teaching at conventions, winning prizes at competitions and exhibitions, and sharing her work in publications. Enjoy this gallery of some of her favorite minis.