Crystal Brush 2018

Meet the Judges: Hugo Gómez Briones

Meet the Judges: Hugo Gómez Briones


March 6th, 2018


“Hello, my name is Hugo Gómez Briones, I am a digital and traditional sculptor who lives and works in Madrid. I am one of the partners and the Head of Sculpture in Bigchild Creatives. My work currently consists of modeling and performing technical and artistic supervision of the sculptures that are made in the studio by the rest of the sculptors team.

I am currently focused on digital modeling in Zbrush, but my learning and development for more than 10 years was in traditional sculpture. During this period my experience has gone through the academic training at the faculty of fine arts, making sculptures for collectors and painters, miniatures for wargames, etc. But nowadays, all the work I do together with my team is aimed at clients like Cmon for projects like Zombicide or for our own product lines like Black Sailors.

For the rest, I’m still an artist with a lot of concern to improve, and keep growing professionally and personally. But above all, trying to enjoy at all times the creation of my art.”

We’re honored to have Hugo as part of our Crystal Brush jury for the first time. Here are a few of his commercial and personal works.