Crystal Brush 2018

Meet the Judges: James Craig

Meet the Judges: James Craig


February 28th, 2018


“After nigh on 20 years of winning and judging competitions, I have realized that there is little in life that is better than being a part of this amazing international community of artists and hobbyists! The price of admission to this incredible group is to actually get out and share your work, be ready to celebrate each other, and to help each other grow! I look forward to seeing the work of old friends, personal heroes and *most importantly* new faces who are willing to take a chance and just be a part of something truly great.

Cya there!


James Craig is a longtime member of the North American miniature painting scene and wargaming community, featured in a number of hobby magazines, with more than a dozen Golden Demons and Privateer P3 awards to his credit, and we’re honored to have him on our team again this year. Here’s a sampling of his prize-winning work.