Crystal Brush Qualifiers

Road to Crystal Brush: TempleCon!

Road to Crystal Brush: TempleCon!


January 19th, 2015


We’re pleased to announce that TempleCon will host a Crystal Brush qualifier painting competition again for 2015! Event information can be found here.  TempleCon judges will select one Best of Show winner, who will receive his or her choice of $100 in CMON merchandise credit or round-trip airfare to compete at the Crystal Brush Awards during AdeptiCon in Chicago, Illinois!

TempleCon will be celebrating its tenth year with a four-day retro-futurist extravaganza of gaming, workshops, and live performances, across many fandoms and genres. The convention runs from February 5-8 in Warwick, Rhode Island.


  • Ian Roy

    Where can we find the winners results and pictures for the 2015 qualifier at Templecon? Im looking everywhere, but I’ve got nothin’!