Crystal Brush Qualifiers

Road to Crystal Brush: The COG!

Road to Crystal Brush: The COG!


June 20th, 2014


We’re happy to announce another step on the Road to Crystal Brush. The COG, a painting competition hosted by Clash for a Cure, will be a qualifier competition for the Crystal Brush Awards 2015. The top winner will receive his or her choice of $100 in CoolMiniOrNot store merchandise credit, or round-trip airfare to compete in Crystal Brush at Adepticon 2015 in Chicago, Illinois!

Clash for a Cure will be held in Killeen, Texas, September 12-14, 2014. Clash hosts tournaments for Warmachine (Privateer Press) and Malifaux (Wyrd Games), so The COG is a great chance to show off your steam-powered fantasy and steampunk inspired models.  Clash also hosts a charity raffle with proceeds donated to the American Cancer Society. Details for entering The COG can be found here.