Record $10,000 prize for best painted miniature at Crystal Brush 2011

Record $10,000 prize for best painted miniature at Crystal Brush 2011


October 28th, 2010


CoolMiniOrNot Inc announced today the Crystal Brush Awards, which will be a painting competition held at AdeptiCon 2011 in Chicago from April 1st to 3rd 2011.

The Crystal Brush awards are a showcase for the best in miniature painting, primarily focused on fictional settings. As a competition meant to celebrate the hobby,  figures from any manufacturer are welcome.

Huge cash prize

Chief highlight was the news that the top scoring miniature would receive $10,000, and unheard of sum for miniatures.  2nd and 3rd prizes were also guaranteed at $2,000 and $1,000 respectively.

“This is quite a large sum of money”, said Chern Ann Ng, Director at CoolMiniOrNot. “Running CoolMiniOrNot.com since 2001 has shown us that there is a huge pool of talent out there, but global competition tends to be focused around just manufacturer sponsored and controlled events. ”

“We thought it was high time that someone stepped forward and organized a competition that would really let creative juices flow, regardless of manufacturer ties.  Hopefully, the miniature painting community will see we are dead serious and we expect a good turnout and fantastic miniatures.”

AdeptiCon excited to be historic venue

“Obviously, we’re delighted to be working with the team at CoolMiniOrNot to put these awards together”, said David Pauwels, AdeptiCon Hobby Event Coordinator. “AdeptiCon represents the best in independent miniature gaming tournaments, and so it’s only natural that we host the best in independent miniature painting competitions as well.”

CoolMiniOrNot does an “American Idol”

The unique part about the competition is that there is a popular voting component, which accounts for 50% of the score, with 50% from a panel of judges.  In the spirit of CoolMiniOrNot, both technical skill and a strong “cool” factor will be richly rewarded.  With 11 categories, and beautiful Gold, Silver and Bronze Crystal Brush Trophies, there will be many winners at the first ever Crystal Brush Awards.

  • KowLown

    That’s some huge, fantastic news! And this trophy is beautiful!

  • http://www.game-coding.de Hendarion

    Although this seams to be a great thing, won’t all winners of previous other competitions just bring in their best rewarded stuff once more?

  • Anonymous

    Please check out the rules:

    2c) Entries must not have been entered into any competition previously.

    • http://www.game-coding.de Hendarion

      Aha. Good 🙂 I just couldn’t find such a limitation.

    • atacam

      I think this has got to be the best rule. I hate seeing minis going form Comp to comp. Nice one CB for stepping up to the plate and making this a rule. Now if you could move the comp a couple of thousand miles closer…….. 😉

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  • Flubslayer

    This is the fun party of sniping…

  • Jenn

    I’m happy to see a competition close to me for once! Probably don’t have a chance in Hades of winning anything, but looking forward to trying anyway and seeing all the other cool minis!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/daniel.a.sniadoski Daniel A Sniadoski

    Because of the prize money, this is going to draw some of the best talent in the world. As such, I have absolutely NO HOPE in even placing…

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  • Girdiel

    I can’t go this year. But i hope this amazing and absolutely cool competition goes on until i can!!!!!!!! I’ll love to put my minis beside the bests in the whole world!!!!!