Another Stop on the Road to Crystal Brush 2013 – Ghengis Con!


November 19th, 2012


Crystal Brush 2013 is shaping up to be one great show, if only by the caliber of awesome contests, conventions and competitions that are signing on to be part of our invitational Road to Crystal Brush series of events! The great folks over at Ghengis Con have agreed to be part of our great program, and here is what they had to say about their upcoming event…

The Colorado Miniature Painting Alliance, in conjunction with the Denver Gamers Association, proudly announces the 34th Annual  Genghis Con Miniature Painting Conference and Competition, to be held February 14th – 17th, 2013 at the Red Lion Hotel in Aurora CO.  Advance purchase tickets and additional convention information can be found on the DGA’s website at http://denvergamers.org .

In keeping with long standing tradition, CMPA will be offering specialized painting classes from top notch artists, covering a wide variety of topics from beginner to intermediate, presented in small size classes for maximum personalized attention.  And this year we are honored to bring you our special guest instructor Jason Wiebe, who has graciously agreed to hold several sculpting classes for us on everything from armatures to textures!
We use the traditional judging format for our Painting Competition and will be presenting awards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each category.  The winner of each category will then be included in the decision for the Best in Show award.  The complete rules can be found on the CMPA website at http://www.cominipainters.com  Additional questions about the competition or classes can be directed to our forums at:  http://www.cominipainters.com/discussions
The categories for Genghis Con XXXIV are:
1)       Single Miniature 40mm or smaller
2)       Single Miniature larger than 40mm (including busts),
3)       Vehicles/ordinance (all scales)
4)       Units (all scales)
5)       Diorama/Vignette
6)       Juniors
7)       Masterclass

We are pleased to announce the following additional awards for this year’s competition:

Best Dark Sword Miniature. Dark Sword Miniatures has graciously agreed to provide a $200 voucher for the best Dark Sword Miniature in the competition. To see the complete line of Dark Sword Miniatures visit their website at: http://www.darkswordminiatures.com/

The Wiebewocky Award, sponsored by Reaper Miniatures.  Special guest judge Jason Wiebe will be awarding an autographed copy of his legendary Wiebewocky to his favorite entry in the competition.
The Crystal Brush Competition Qualifier, sponsored by CoolMiniOrNot.com.  The winner of the Best in Show award will receive free round trip airfare to Chicago to attend AdeptiCon April 18th – 21st, 2013 and may compete in the Crystal Brush Competition for its $10,000 prize. The 1st Runner Up for Best in Show will receive a $75 voucher to Cool Mini or Not and the 2nd Runner Up will receive a $25 voucher. For more information on Crystal Brush Competition visit: http://www.crystalbrush.com/about/

So be sure to stop on over at their website, and keep an eye on ours for updates!