We’d like to thank the Sponsors…


February 28th, 2012


It takes a lot of planning, manpower and frankly funds to make something as amazing as the Crystal Brush competition happen. Those of us at Cool Mini or Not can really only do so much to put something this big and fabulous together each year… the rest is due to our long list of amazing sponsors.

Sponsoring the Crystal Brush comes in many forms, each form handled in a different way and for a variety of reasons. To keep in line with the nomenclature of the Crystal Brush, we have varying levels of sponsorship a company can earn based upon their degree of involvement with the competition. Simple, really. If a sponsor goes the extra mile for Crystal Brush; Crystal Brush will show them the love in return.

Now, with Adepticon and the Crystal Brush less than two short months away, most of our sponsors have already come forward and have been awarded their Sponsorship Level.

The Sponsorship Levels themselves are a little like bragging rights from the outside-looking-in, but to us here at Cool Mini…each level is like a badge of honor to the recipient. We love all our sponsors, of that there is no doubt – just some a bit more than others when it gets to Crystal Brush time!

Well, not ALL levels are just badges of honor. Those companies who have come together with us well enough to achieve the esteemed Emerald or Diamond Sponsor level earn another benefit. Emerald and Diamond level sponsors have individual company-based sub-categories within the Crystal Brush Competition; arranging for special awards and (for Diamond Sponsors) trophies to be handed to the best models submitted from their specific product ranges! So, not only does a painter have a chance at the Best in Show $10,000…but they can compete for some Diamond Sponsor company-based trophies as well!

The following list contains all of the sponsors who have been granted their appropriate sponsorship levels to date. The list might get longer as the weeks pass, but we are already singing the praises of these frontrunners.


Battle Foam (Best Miniature Effects and Story Told Through Miniature award)

Dark Age (Best Dark Age: Apocalypse Miniature)

Wyrd Miniatures (Best Wyrd Miniature)


Corvus Belli Games (Best Infinity Miniature)

MicroArt Studios (Best MicroArt Miniature)


Enigma Miniatures

Gamezone Miniatures

Legacy Miniatures

Secret Weapon Miniatures

Soda Pop Miniatures

Studio McVey

So please…everyone give a round of applause (go ahead…no one is watching) to our sponsors and make sure to bring your entries to the Crystal Brush with them in mind!


Bryan Steele

Cool Mini or Not